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Continental Tax believes in old-fashioned hard work and dedication to clients in providing the highest level of professional client service. Through years of experience servicing client needs and understanding how clients should be treated, Continental Tax is dedicated to ensure the highest possible level of client satisfaction. 

Scope of Services

Continental Tax is a leading professional tax accounting and consulting firm specializing in the delivery of professional US and Canadian tax consulting and compliance services to:

Human Resource Professionals

whether you are a(n):

Canadian: rotational employee eligible for the Overseas Employment
Tax Credit (“OETC”), Canadian expatriate, high net worth or
Canadian resident or non-resident individual

American (US citizen) or US resident: US green card holder, US
expatriate working outside the US, non-US citizen working in the
US, or high net worth individual

Individual services include:
US and Canadian personal tax return preparation and planning
US state and local tax returns
Year of departure and year of repatriation planning
Canadian trust returns
Estate planning
US and Canadian departure and arrival advice
Immigration and emigration planning
Canada Revenue Agency and IRS appeals
Compensation planning, including analysis of tax equalization
and protection arrangements
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Human Resources Professionals
Canadian or US HR personnel who move employees around the world.

HR services include:

Creative assignment planning and compensation structuring, including review of assignment letters, letters of intent, and compensation packages to minimize worldwide tax costs to the company and the individual
Preparation of annual tax equalization, tax protection, and/or tax reconciliation calculations
Writing or review of company Tax Equalization policies,
up to and including the design and implementation
of the company tax equalization program
Expatriate and foreign national payroll consulting, including worldwide withholding and reporting requirements for expatriate and foreign national employees
Social security (Totalization) planning
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Canadian or US corporations, domestic or doing business cross border.

Corporate services include:
U.S. Federal and state income tax return preparation including consolidated tax returns, Form 5471s for non-US. subsidiaries, and related compliance matters
US state and local tax returns
Canadian corporate tax return preparation and planning
Cross border planning

The IRS Code and Canadian Income Tax Act are complex. It can be costly if proper planning is not done to effectively make use of all possible advntages available to your business.  Items such as foreign tax credits, the overseas employment tax credit (OETC) and residency concerns, complicate your tax situation.

Continental Tax specializes in the understanding of both US and Canadian law as it pertains to cross border activity.  Proper planning and filings are done to ensure you maximize your business profits. 

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delivering professional tax consulting and compliance services
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