Expatriate Tax Advice, Planning & Preparation for American & Canadian Expatriates
Human Resource Managers

International Assignee Programs

Continental Tax is focused on providing HR advisors with high-level tax knowledge to complement them in providing service to their employees.  Value can be added to the HR function by providing effective planning and compliance to ensure that all employees are well taken care of for tax purposes.  Continental Tax strives to provide valuable tax solutions for corporations with employees on short-term and long-term assignments outside of their home country.  Services are also provided on an individual basis to the employees on assignment outside their home country, allowing them to focus on their duties abroad.  Having Continental Tax assisting both the corporation and the employees, will ensure that tax costs are minimized while having the corporation focus on its strengths. 

Companies of all sizes can often realize significant cost savings by properly structuring compensation packages provided to their international employees, and by properly controlling the timing of the assignments themselves.

Continental Tax has years of experience working with companies who are just starting out internationally as well as established companies. The size of your company or number of International Assignees, no matter how large or small, is not a limiting factor.

The following is a list of services that will add value to HR managers in assisting their expatriates:

  • Creative assignment planning and compensation structuring, including review of assignment letters, letters of intent, and compensation packages to minimize worldwide tax costs to the company and the individual.
  • Preparation of annual tax equalization, tax protection, and / or tax reconciliation calculations.
  • Expatriate and foreign national payroll consulting, including worldwide withholding and reporting requirements for expatriate and foreign national employees.
  • Home and host country tax counseling sessions with the International Assignee.
  • Tax Treaty planning and consulting.
  • Year of departure and year of repatriation planning.
  • Writing or review of company Tax Equalization policies, up to and including the design and implementation of the company tax equalization program.
  • Calculation and coordination of required US federal and state estimated tax payments as well as Canadian installment requirements.
  • Management, consultation and coordination with outside accountants and service providers, if needed.