Expatriate Tax Advice, Planning & Preparation for American & Canadian Expatriates
US Citizens and Green Card Holders Outside the USA

The US taxes its citizens and green card holders wherever they are in the world.  If you want the benefit of US Citizenship, you must file a US return.

More and more individuals and corporations are looking at Canada as a place to work and do business.  With it comes the uncertainty of Canadian taxation.  There are a number of issues that need to be addressed when spending just one day working in Canada.  Some of these concerns are:

  • Residency concerns
    Do I have to pay taxes in both countries?
    Can I avoid paying foreign taxes?
    Is there a treaty with my host country?  Will I continue to be
    ...resident there?
    Will I be caught if I don’t pay US taxes?
    How will the IRS find me?
    I don’t want to pay any US tax.  How can I avoid it?
    What happens if I give up my US citizenship?
    I’ve never lived in the US, so why do I now owe US taxes?
    I thought US tax rates were lower than in Canada?
    Am I double taxed?
  • Employment income
    I’m on foreign payroll.  Can the US tax me?
    How is my employment income taxed now that I working
    ...outside the US?
    What is the foreign earned income exclusion?
    How will Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) affect me?
    Can I continue to pay into US Social Security (FICA)?
  • Investing
    What happens to my US investments?
    What happens to my foreign investments when I return to the US?
    Can I keep my foreign bank accounts when I return to the US?
    Why does the US want to know about all my foreign bank
    Are there investment restrictions as a result of my move?
    What should I do with my IRA or 401(k)?
    Can I shelter assets from Canadian taxation?
    I own a non-US corporation, what do I have to report to the US?